A new Hub is part of the community: the Lyon Hub!


“With great power comes great responsibility”

I have always considered this quote, from a well-known hero of our times, as a guiding one for me and my life. This applies to the Global Shapers Community as well: it is the root of our existence and the leading engine of our actions.

I believe that, in this case, “power” means experience, knowledge, passion, while “responsibility” means giving back. For example, mentoring projects - as the Geneva hub’s one - or in general Shapers supporting and assisting other hubs in their path toward growth and success are great ways of giving back to our local and global Community.T

hat is exactly why I had no hesitations in going to Lyon when Laurent Javaudin, the Founding Curator, invited me to attend their official inauguration.

It was an absolute honor to represent Geneva and Turin and to be part of this historical moment for France, as the newborn hub has already become an official association according to the French law and a couple of projects are already in the pipeline. Four highly motivated people, Zoé, Jimmy, Alexandre and Laurent, are ready to shape their city and make it a reference model for this great nation. And I am sure they will do a great job!

Headquartered in one of the most problematic districts in the city that happens to also be one of its most innovative coworking spaces, the new hub is in the perfect location to concentrate impact and deliver results that can positively affect the community. The proposed hub projects are focused on educational and social issues, both original to the hub and imported from other hubs.

On that beautiful evening, the topics discussed ranged from the entire Shapers Community to the local problems of Lyon such as youth unemployment and integration. We also talked about structuring and creating the foundation of the new hub. In particular, we were able to take into account best practices - and errors - from other cities and accordingly tailor the rules regarding recruitment, projects, activities as well as team building events and general hub life.

Personally, it was a highly enriching experience and I am grateful to Laurent and the Lyon hub for having hosted me and made me part of their new family. Merci beaucoup Mes Amis ! Un grand futur vous attend !