Geneva hub hosts its Annual Workshop

On a beautiful, sunny (and very hot!) Sunday, 12 July, in Geneva, the Geneva hub hosted its Annual Workshop. Thanks to the hospitality of Interpeace, the Shapers were able to run a day-long workshop in their beautiful office in the Maison de la Paix, a brand new building part of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies located at the heart of International Geneva.

The workshop served as a great opportunity to discuss the values of the hub and how they relate to the broader mission of the Global Shapers Community. Following an interactive group exercise, three main values were identified: Impact (Our projects are driven by the real needs of our community); Connector (Being based in Geneva we have a special responsibility in bringing the other hubs and shapers together); Growth (We learn from each other to become better leaders.


Through this workshop, the Geneva hub was also able to welcome and get to know some of the new shapers that have just been recruited. Moreover, having a couple of teambuilding activities in the fantastic Perle du Lac parc served as a perfect way to strengthen ties between shapers.

Finally, on this occasion shapers had the opportunity to discuss how to scale up existing projects, as well as to propose new ones for the upcoming months. Some of the most popular project areas suggested were education, innovation, technology and food.


In addition, shapers discussed their engagement in the upcoming Annual Curators Meeting, held in Geneva from 13 to 17 Geneva. Over 400 curators will be attending this important meeting and we are looking forward to welcoming all them.

Overall, the workshop was very successful and the hub decided to host it every six month, as a way to ensure coordination and share information on our activities. All the shapers who participated were very happy with the outcome and felt even more motivated to contribute to the activities of the hub for a positive impact in our local community and beyond.