It's time for peace!


“It’s time for peace!” is the very appropriate theme of this year’s Geneva Peace Talks in light of daily news about rising levels of conflict and violence in many parts of the world. The Geneva hub of the Global Shapers is again partnering with the Geneva Peace Talks to inspire people from all walks of life to take action for peace.

Many of today’s crises do not only require holistic solutions, but also point to the need for greater efforts to prevent the eruption of violent conflict in the first place. To that end, fostering the inclusion of all different social groups in a society is an important endeavour. Making sure everyone has access to economic opportunities, political participation, social connections and feels a sense of belonging is not only a moral imperative, but a prerequisite for everyone to enjoy peace.

At the same time, the prevailing sense of gloom also blinds us to the strengths that reside in many societies which experience conflict. As one of Interpeace’s local Somali peacebuilders once said “A failed state does not mean a failed people”.

Co-organized by the United Nations at Geneva, Interpeace, and the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform, the Geneva Peace Talks expands the space for dialogue about building peace and resolving conflict. Through individual Peace Talks, speakers from different sectors and countries share their personal stories, ideas and practical solutions to resolve and prevent conflict.

The Geneva Peace Talks also illustrate that everyone of us has a role to play for peace to take root in our societies. Peace is not only a task of governments, the international community, and NGOs. Peace is not only something conflict-affected countries strive for. Peace is everyone’s business, no matter where you live and what you do.

In this vein, the Geneva hub of the Global Shapers is engaging with local organisations in Geneva who support marginalised communities and try to foster their integration into society, such as l’Espace Solidaire de Paquis, La Roseraie etc.

Have you thought of reaching out to someone in your environment who is experiencing any form of exclusion? It’s time for peace! Get inspired by the Geneva Peace Talks.

This year’s Geneva Peace Talks take place at the Palais des Nations on 18 September from 16.30h to 18.00h. Registration is required and will open on 17 August. The event is also live webcast. For more information or to tune in, go to

Photo credit: Interpeace

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