Geneva hub wins the "Shaping a Better Future" challenge

We are proud to announce that our hub flagship project, Reading for Change, is among the 5 projects that won the Shaping a Better Future challenge by The Coca Cola Company! The Geneva Hub will receive US$ 10,000 in acceleration funding for this project.We started Reading for Change in Geneva with the aim to improve integration and give more people access to information and education. We do this by collecting second-hand tech devices such as eBook readers, laptops, MP3-players etc., and uploading them with educational content. We then distribute these pre-loaded devices to selected associations, so that they can use them for specific free skills trainings and language courses.This way, we ensure that a virtuous recycling of technologies is matched with actual needs. Some of our partners include companies (such as Procter & Gamble) who have donated old/unused devices, and community-based associations (such as Espace Solidaire Paquis) who receive these devices in support of their social activities.Some of the key project milestones include:

  • Delivered 35 devices that enabled Espace Solidaire Paquis to conduct free multimedia language courses and IT skills trainings

  • Established a trusted relation with P&G on the suppliers-end

  • Created and shared a blueprint to help other fellow hubs establish their own local chapter of R4C

  • Connected with hubs in Canada, France and Morocco for future expansion

After the initial local success, we are now working to scale up the project globally and are partnering with other hubs in the Global Shapers Community. So far, we have produced a comprehensive, easy to read blueprint to help other hubs reapply this project in their communities. We are certain that this combination of rapid local execution and seamless global re-application can help improve the lives of thousands of communities around the world.This award is a testament to the hard work of our team and will allow us to maximize impact in our community and beyond.  With this Coca-Cola grant, we now plan to scale up Reading for Change by:

  • getting higher quality content;

  • exploring options to promote e-waste reduction;

  • offering strong support to other Hubs for the project implementation.

We thank all the Global Shapers for votes and great support over the last few months. We also congratulate the Kathmandu Hub on winning the 2015 Grand Prize Winner of the Shaping a Better Future challenge for their Nepal Earthquake Relief Project, as well as the other finalists: Cartagena Hub, Columbia, with the Water for Life project, Chandigarh Hub, India, with the I Break My Silence project, Gaza Hub, Palestine, with the Solar Power Lighting Disabled Lives.To learn more about Reading For Change and donate any digital devices visit Follow the Geneva Shapers on Facebook and Twitter Author: Beatrice Montesi, Giulia Zanzi

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